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Reclaimed oak 40mm

Reclaimed oak 40mm

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A beautiful, high-quality old oak table with a Matrix center metal base (see first picture).

Solid wood 4 cm thick, possible up to 7 cm thick

COATING: We use Rubio monocoat oil, which is the only food-safe coating. Surfaces sealed with Rubio Monocoat Plus 2C oil are safe for household use.

Upon request, the table top can be protected with lacquer, which is just as good and durable.

PRODUCTION: The wood we use is European and locally sourced. We use the highest quality oak, which is properly dried. We carefully ensure that the temperature in the production hall is constant. We do not use tropical wood because it is not as strong and durable.

ABOUT THE WOOD: Oak and walnut are durable and can withstand long and frequent use. Oak wood also has a very beautiful lenticular pattern, which is why it is so popular for making tables.

Old oak is particularly beautiful and does not have a completely smooth surface. Minor cracks and unevenness are also allowed for it.

This wood is recycled, up to 200 years old, great colors, cracks and patterns. Every piece of wood in this table top has a history!

ENERGY: Wood can touch your senses of sight, touch and smell. Wood gives us a sense of life, as it was created from something living.

HOME: A quality wooden table can last a lifetime if handled correctly! Make sure it stays stylish and always modern and fits perfectly into your home!

CUSTOM MADE: We make tables to order. If you can't find the right size, color, leg shape, etc., please contact us and we will advise.

The color of the oil or varnish will be the natural color of the oak, if you want something else, you can write to us.

Assembling the table is easy - instructions can be found on our website.

The tables are mechanically very stable!

The height of the table is standard, 76 cm.

The price is for 200x100cm

For 50mm and 60mm, please send an inquiry.

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